Raduno Nazionale delle Scuole di Circo e Rassegna di Teatro-Circo 14ma Edizione

Italy, Liguria, Sarzana (La Spezia)

From 30th of April to 3rd of May 2020

Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica facciamoCIRCO


Contemporary circusBrief.


The Raduno nazionale delle Scuole di Circo was born in 2006 moved by the will to create anappointment dedicated to meeting, exchanging, sharing and learning among those who practicecircus arts both as amateur and professional: students and teachers of circus schools (children,teenagers, adults), italian and foreign companies and artists.Today the Raduno is one of the most successful examples of fusion among live show, art, cultureand social commitment. It’s a big and joyful meeting of contemporary circus aimed to spread circuspractice and culture through a rich program of activities: workshops of about 20 circus disciplines(some of which are open to mental and motor disabilities); circus and science labs/shows; artexhibitions; parades; juggling “Olympics games”; performances by circus school students; shows ofcompanies and artists.The Raduno takes place in the 16th century Fortezza Firmafede and the old town with the patronageof Regione Liguria and Città di Sarzana.

Communication activities and synergies

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Size and type of the target

About 2.500 people of all ages and backgrounds.

Total amount requested for the sponsorship

8.000 Euros.

More than one sponsor.

Contact person

Alina Lombardo
Tel. +39 339 5878441 -