Ad Occhi Aperti Open theater and Sunday events for families and theater for schools

Casale Marittimo

January 2020

Ass. Geometria delle Nuvole


Theater and Cultural Growth in a decentralized territory.


The exhibition, already in its third year of life, will develop in two distinct but connected places: from January to June 2020 at the Municipal Theater of Casale Marittimo - Pisa (Capacity 100 seats), and in September 2020 at the Biodiversity Park Theater of Coltano - Pisa, an openair theater that hosts civil art routes, artistic research and a civil art theater festival. A program of 6 shows and 4 mornings of theater school for local schools is planned. In double replication for each title. Geometria delle Nuvole is an association that in three years of life has become the center of many experiences, spaces, artists, needs and knowledge of the territory, the province of Pisa. With this funding, we aim to continue what we are already doing, that is, to put the knowledge and artistic skills of which our territory is rich, with the spaces and places of the small towns and decentralized municipalities.

Communication activities and synergies

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Size and type of the target

1200 spectators.

Total amount requested for the sponsorship

6.000 Euros.

More than one sponsor.

Contact person

Chiara Pistoia
Tel. 3890749150 -