POLIS Teatro Festival 2020


The project lasts the whole year 2020, the days of opening to the public of the festival from 14 to 24 May 2020



POLIS Teatro Festival is the festival of theatre and participation directed by the company ErosAntEros. The 2020 edition will be dedicated in particular to human rights and female theatrical excellence.


Since its creation, POLIS Teatro Festival wants to bring theater back to the center of city life, mixing genres and generations of artists and spectators, in the name of active and conscious participation. New for 2020 is the membership of the national network L'Italia dei VISIONARI, which through public call creates a group of citizens who meet periodically to choose one of the shows on the program. The project BIGLIETTI SOSPESI (access to shows for economically and socially disadvantaged people), the writing workshop for university students LO SGUARDO IN OPERA, the day of in-depth study at the end of the festival (with lectio by Prof. De Marinis and speeches by scholars and artists on human rights), the project PARTECI-POLIS (collection of reflections of spectators) will also be confirmed. The highlight of this edition will be the production of the show CONFINI with Ravenna Festival, Theatre National du Luxemborug and Teatro della Tosse.

Communication activities and synergies

It is possible to place the sponsor's logo in the project communication activities.

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It is possible to consider synergies.

Size and type of the target

Heterogeneous spectators for a total of about 1.000 admissions.

Total amount requested for the sponsorship

500 Euros (small sponsor), 1.000 Euros (sponsor), 5.000 Euros (main sponsor), 20.000 Euros (single unique sponsor).

More than one sponsor.

Contact person
Davide Sacco +39 347 8549007
Agata Tomsic +39 340 6592872