Le Dimore del Quartetto


The project is ongoing. It has started in July 2015

Associazione Le Dimore del Quartetto


Le Dimore del Quartetto is a project bonding the needs of excellent young string Quartets with the enhancement of historic villas' cultural heritage.


We created a network of historic villas willing to host young musicians to study and rehearse together in exchange for a free concert. The project creates a circular economy where ancient villas'unused spaces and geographic isolation become a precious resource for young music ensembles. Through Le Dimore del Quartetto, chamber music is played in the venues for which it was originally conceived, and above all it creates new opportunities to meet in unusual spaces. Moreover, villas become cultural centres for the community with no costs. The project supports, and gives visibility to excellent young Quartets, selected by Simone Gramaglia, viola of the Quartetto di Cremona. The best Quartets are awarded with scholarships at the end of the year.

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Size and type of the target

In 2017 we predict to organize about 60 concerts, with an average of 60 attendees each, for a total of 3600 attendees. The audience is varied: the activities of Le Dimore del Quartetto attract both people that are passionate about chamber music and people that are just curious to live a unique experience in venues that are usually inaccessible.

Total amount requested for the sponsorship

20.000 Euros: 10.000 for operational expenses and 10.000 for scholarships to musicians.

More than one sponsor.

Contact person

Francesca Moncada - President and legal representative
Tel. 3317121489 -