September 2022 - 3 months

H-Anno Zero SocietĂ  Cooperativa Sociale Onlus


Promote the social inclusion of disabilities people through art.


The Scooppiati Diversamente Band was born within the La Coperta di Linus Art and Entertainment Center, conceived and managed by the Cooperativa Sociale H-Anno Zero Onlus, which promotes services, activities and events that promote the social inclusion of disadvantaged people. The band was created to give disabilities people the opportunity to express their emotions and skills through music and sees the direct participation of the Cooperative's musicians. The project request titled "AnnoZero", in tribute to the 40 years of activity of the Cooperative, and is aimed at supporting the production of the band's new songs, creating a music videoclip with the collaboration of Davide Bastolla and organizing a presentation event on December 3 - 2022 on the occasion of the 30th International Day of Persons with Disabilities.


Communication activities and synergies

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Size and type of the target

Event audience 200
Followers Social 6.000
Streaming 1.000
Videoclip: 5.000

Total amount requested for the sponsorship

5.000 Euros.

More than one sponsor.

Contact person

President Dott.ssa Maddalena Maggi
Mob: +39 3939439488