The Sound of the Classics

Cremona and Novara

December 2022

Associazione “Costanzo Porta”


Live music, historical performance practice with original instruments (Haydn, Mozart, J.C. Bach).


The project involves the performance of symphonic music from the Classical and Romantic periodswith instruments, bows and performance practice, faithful to the first historical performances.Works of this period are usually performed with modern instruments, since, unlike the baroque compositions, they were played continuously until today. The stylistic features of the period, layered over time, have diluted the stylistic mark of the period, moving away from the original. The use of original instruments, set up according to the canons of the late 1700s or early 1800s, using historical strings, the expertise of musicians specialized in this repertoire allow the original sound of this music to resurface in all its color and phrasing. This repertoire is the result of codified rules, which modern bows and instruments - harbingers of greater power but less intimacy of sound - are not able to fully respect. The listening experience is therefore totally new to the ear of the contemporary audience, especially in Italy.

Communication activities and synergies

It is possible to place the sponsor's logo in the project communication activities.

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Size and type of the target

2000 people; theatres' concert seasons audience.

Total amount requested for the sponsorship

10.000 Euros.

More than one sponsor.

Contat person

Lorenzo Novelli