Lucca Biennale - Cartasia (LuBi)


from 2 August to 27 September 2020

Associazione culturale Metropolis


The Biennale has as its main theme the enhancement of paper through the language of contemporary art, architecture and design. The enhancement of paper as a sustainable, versatile material, accessible to all and extraordinarily suitable for multiple uses that can improve the quality of life. It also focuses on raising public awareness of contemporary art and current social issues thanks to dedicated events.


LuBi, founded in 2004, is the largest paper art event in the world. It has 4 sections: Outdoor art, monumental works, made during an artist's residence; Indoor art, works made with the most varied techniques, in some cases site-specific, exhibited in historic buildings; Architecture, construction of a pavilion designed in paper and cardboard, with the aim of researching and experimenting new sustainable forms of using paper; Events, workshops, performances and a 3-day network and conferences on the themes of Art, Paper and the Future. The aim is the enhancement of paper, the approach to the art of an increasingly vast and heterogeneous public and a cultural exchange with countries with an important paper tradition. The expected results are to increase the involvement of industries in the paper sector, 25,000 visitors to the exhibitions, 5,000 to the educational events and 300,000 visitors to outdoor works and performances.

Communication activities and synergies

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Size and type of the target

25.000 visitors to the exhibitions, 5.000 to the educational events and 300.000 visitors to outdoor works and performances. The typology varies from young under 12 to adults over 65, Italians and foreigners.

Total amount requested for the sponsorship

Three types of sponsorship: BASE sponsorship (2000-5000 Euros) SILVER sponsorship (8.000 - 13.000 Euros) GOLDEN sponsorship (15.000 - 30.000 Euro) with different possibilities of diffusion, communication and presence both on the posters and merchandising that inside the event itself.

More than one sponsor.

Contat person

Federica Moretti
mob. 327-1032743