Creative Living Lab Sc17: a space for industrial and cultural regeneration


from 1st November 2019 to 30 November 2020

Studio Corte 17 – non-profit cultural association


The project stems from the idea of promoting the regeneration of a peripheral area of Prato.


The project fits into a context that represents the history of the city of Prato and which today is defined as the cultural and contemporary center, the Court of Via Genova, located inside the large industrial complex - the former Lanificio Bini - which once housed the typical rooms of textile production. The area has evolved over time into a cultural center through a bottom-up process started by Chiara Bettazzi of the Corte Studio 17 a decade ago, and today hosts exhibition spaces and artisan workshops, clubs and art galleries. The Creative Living Lab Sc17 will be the point of arrival for creatives, cultural associations, companies and interested parties who will be able to explore the themes of industrial archeology. The project aims to integrate the archive on Industrial Heritage that Sc17 has built over the years thanks to the numerous initiatives it has organized on the subject of industrial archeology. The update will take place through the involvement of the entire community through a call addressed to collectors, scholars and ordinary citizens who can bring documents, photos, videos, illustrative material on the subject. In this way more and more people will know a peripheral area of Prato with enormous potential through innovative cultural and creative activities. The project aims at integrating the archive by promoting awareness-raising activities on the issues of urban regeneration and the enhancement of the archaeological heritage, through: the collection of material by the interested parties, the holding of seminars held by experts in the field and the organization of workshops dedicated to students of the Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.

Communication activities and synergies

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Size and type of the target

3.000 Citizens, 200 students, artists, biologists, anthropologists and historians of industrial architecture, 30 Cultural associations and networks, 100 Business interested in industrial archeology.

Total amount requested for the sponsorship

49.700 Euros.

One sponsor.

Contat person

Chiara Bettazzi (rappresentante legale di Sc17);
mob. 339 3483328