I dialoghi di Trani - XIX edizione

Trani (Bt)

From 23rd to 27th September 2020

Associazione Culturale La Maria del Porto


SUSTAINABILITY. From reducing emissions to respecting the environment, from human rights to recognition of the person value, from cooperation to development, to access of resources.


Organized by the cultural association La Maria del porto committed to the promotion of cultural debate with projects involving schools, universities and readers. I Dialoghi di Trani, based on the concept of culture as an engine of socio-economic development, is addressed to a public interested in current subjects. The event can count on a strong involvement of the territory and its target is composed by the 80% of professionals, teachers and students. During the festival, subjects related to legacy, justice, solidarity and environment are dealt, by proposing innovative influences among the languages. In particular, the aim of this edition is to create an eco-sustainable festival, starting from calculating the ecological influece, in order to reduce the environmental impact and give back what we consumed. “Make use of the resources without compromising the requirements of future generations” is the slogan of I Dialoghi di Trani.

Communication activities and synergies

It is possible to place the sponsor's logo in the project communication activities.

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Size and type of the target

More than 20.000 participants: High-middle class, cultural experienced, students, teachers and professionals.

Total amount requested for the sponsorship

30.000 Euros.

More than one sponsor.

Contact person

info@idialoghiditrani.com  - Tel. 0883482966