Progetto Bora Museum® - Museo della Bora e del Vento


From 1999, in progress

Associazione Culturale Museo della Bora


The first museum dedicated to the wind, a fascinating and transversal topic.


The idea of the museum started in 1999 , since 2004 there is the “Magazzino dei Venti” warehouse of the Winds , the space of the wind and of the imagination , the showcase of the idea of the museum , by appointment , showing little in what you might expose a large museum . The dream is to find a larger space in the city of Trieste to become a museum original , dynamic , innovative , with lightness of the subject so full of references in our lives , from weather to climate , from literature to art , from energy to memory , from creativity to the game . In recent years , this museum in progress , has gained wide domestic and foreign media . It wants to be a museum open to the city , which brings generations and nations. An interactive museum and exciting that wants to create a virtuous cycle of development with special activities and initiatives for an innovative experiential tourism.

Communication activities and synergies

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Size and type of the target

At least 50.000 for year.

Total amount requested for the sponsorship

1.000.000 Euros (exclusive).

One sponsor for the first period.
More than one sponsor for the future.

Contat person

Prospero (Rino) Lombardi